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What We Do

We are not growth hackers, marketing ninjas, inbound certified noise makers...we are sales people. The sales process is about presenting your product to the right person at the right time. We will find them, contact them, and close them.

Sales is a process. Defining the process that works for your product requires focus that you may not have time for. We will work with you to create and execute the right sales process.

How We Work With You

Let's figure out where you are at on your sales path. Shoe box full of business cards from a trade show, we can filter  and follow up. 5000 emails on list you bought, we can verify them. Pre-launch interest email list, we can define an outreach sales cadence.  Just have a target market idea, we can prospect and contact the right targets. We can turn where you are now into a sales plan.

We are happy to work with you to get appointments for meetings/demos or handle the all aspects of the sale form cold email to the close.


Prospecting is where it all starts. The sales you will make 3 months from now come about because of the leads you prospected today.

It simply doesn't matter how good your value prop if no one hears it. The only bigger mistake is wasting your time + resources telling it to the wrong people.

Fill your sales funnel with targeted leads if you want to see revenue at the other end

Cold Calls + Emails

Optimizing your message so that your prospects will get past the subject line. We all get so much inbound grabs for our attention especially in our inbox. This confirms two things;

  1. you have to stand out
  2. everyone's doing it because it works

Your product solves a need. Put it in front of those with the need as often as you can. Being heard at the right moment will not happen if you sit back and wait for the prospects to find you. Stand up, start waving you arms, jump up and down and be seen.

Pitch + Demo

We find the right contact, delivered the perfectly crafted outreach and they want to know more. We will work along side you to do the demo or have the conference call. Afterwards we will debrief, determine the best action to get the sale closed.

Awesome Teams We've Helped Get Sales

(You should be on this list!)


"Clark is able to have a conversation with anybody about anything. He brings a nice dose of reality to the lofty dev discussions we tend to have. He strives to identify the users needs and he doesn't waste time if there not a product fit."

— Brett Florio
Foxy.io / FoxyCart.com

"Compared to other sales people, the integrations I do for accounts Clark closes are always the most straightforward. The users are informed and understand the process. He's the first sales guy I've worked with that makes stays with it until the user is live."

— Brian Tefft

"I've worked with Clark on several deals over the years. He has a rare ability to speak to the tech minded while staying on the path to closing the sale."

— Jeff Neis

Salesman of the Year

I'm Clark.

My first job was selling shoes at the mall. Another shoe store at the other end of the mall offered me more money to go sell for them. A month later the first store offered me more to come back. That's pretty much when I decided sales was for me. It let me choose where I put my efforts and the potential reward was based on how well I did. I was sold.

I've worked to put some very cool products in front of the right prospects. Service contracts on line printers in casinos, a video streaming platform to websites, ecommerce API to CMS/LMS platforms,etc.

I believe sales is about getting a product in front of the right person, identifying the fit, promoting it's value, and of course making the deal happen. I'd like to do this for you.

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Now offering Email Lead Generation service

If you'd prefer to take point on the sale we can turn warm introductions over to you each day. We will build an email list based on filters such as industry, company size, title of contact, location, etc. We will work with your team to create solid copy and a/b test it. Our service will email the list, deal with unsubscribers without using any resources on your end. We forward any responses on to your team, you engage the prospect and run with it.


Stop here.

Let's be clear, you want more sales. You need to start doing something differently to get to the next level. I will help you build a solid sales methodology but you need to connect with me. The first call is free!

Sales is a gateway drug to success.

It's still going to be a grind. Developing a sales process will let you find the next gear.

You built this thing. It solves a problem, fulfills a need, offers a solution. The next step is obvious, get in front of the right people. Getting sales will change your teams outlook.

I founded SalesDevs to provide outstanding sales and sales development. If you need more focus on your sales process but aren't ready to hire an in-house sales team then we should connect.