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Sales Mindset: Hating sales will defeat you

sales mindset

Every time I hear someone say they hate “sales” or “doing sales” a cinematic scene unfolds in my head. I see Heston or Eastwood locking eye contact with that person. Leaning forward into their personal space. Then with a guttural voice choking back the disgust saying, “Listen punk, without SALES you’re just wasting time playing…

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Sale terms: Lead vs. Prospect vs. Opportunity


Leads are essentially any contact that has not been qualified or engaged. Examples of lead sources are purchased lists, emails collected online, requests for information from your website, etc. Another way to look at leads is the stuff that comes out of marketing. Your sales process kicks in at this point. You want to move…

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Sales Tips: Cold emails + 3 things you did wrong

cold email sales tips

Subject line This accounts for at least 80% of your open rate. You should test a few different subject lines if you will be mailing more than a couple hundred emails. Here are the most common mistakes: Too long: When you glance at your glance at your inbox(*most likely on you phone) do you read…

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