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Sales Mindset: Hating sales will defeat you

Every time I hear someone say they hate “sales” or “doing sales” a cinematic scene unfolds in my head. I see Heston or Eastwood locking eye contact with that person. Leaning forward into their personal space. Then with a guttural voice choking back the disgust saying, “Listen punk, without SALES you’re just wasting time playing around on that f*cking computer.” Then me and Elizabeth Hurley chuckle and get back on my yacht.

The point is that everything you want to do with your product revolves around having the revenue to keep moving forward. Do not hate that which you are dependent on or you will not pay enough attention to it. You don’t have to let it sleep on your bed but stroke it, feed it and go to bed knowing that it’s working for you.

You need a Tony Robbins vulcan mind melt trick that alters the image you now hold of the word “sales”. Instead of seeing the transactional aspects of a sale, envision the exchange of value and start of a relationship. Sales are what build relationships with new clients. Without these relationships you are just playing around on that computer.

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