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Sales Tips: Cold emails + 3 things you did wrong

    Subject line

This accounts for at least 80% of your open rate. You should test a few different subject lines if you will be mailing more than a couple hundred emails.
Here are the most common mistakes:
Too long:
When you glance at your glance at your inbox(*most likely on you phone) do you read through an entire subject line before you make a decision about an email? We’re programmed to assume it’s spam if we don’t recognize something about it.

You used the spam words:
If you use “limited time”, “special offer”, “free”, “new”, or anything like it you are either already filtered into the spam folder or on your way.

    Most important 2 lines

In 2012 a study Knotice showed that 27% of emails were open on a mobile device. Here we are in 2017 and the number is more than double that at 55-57%.

Pick up your phone and open your email app. What can you see of each email in your inbox? Sender, subject line, and maybe the first 2 lines of the body. That’s all the real estate you have to work with to get someone to open your email.

Make that first line of your body resonate with your prospect. Use their name and give them the promise of value if they read on.

    Talked about your product

Stop talking about your product. I didn’t ask you to tell me all about your product.
Stop talking about your fucking feature list. 90% of your features are the same as your competitors.

You need to be solving a problem for me. Offering me value for my time and money. What have you done for me lately?



Photo by Mathyas Kurmann on Unsplash

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